How to choose the right window treatment solution for your house. Curtains or blinds?

It is quite necessary to come home every day from work to a cozy interior so whether you are an interior decorator or you are looking to decorate your home yourself, the choice of curtains or blinds would definitely be one of the decisions you are saddled with making. We should note that as window dressing is so important that it has the power to make or mar the overall outlook of your house.

Yes, curtains have been around for a long time and before now was the preferred solution for dressing most windows, people preferred blinds for offices as they looked very formal and impersonal. Lately, with new designs of blinds that make them more appealing, people now prefer to dress their home windows with blinds, which of course has birthed the debate of which one is preferable amongst the two options. Which is actually better? Blinds or curtains? A look at the pros and cons of the two items can help with making a decision.

Light control

Curtains come in different textures and patterns. Some curtains are sewn linings at the back which can protect the home completely from sunlight or other external rays. Some curtains are transparent and may not protect the home at night if the interior lights are on. Blinds may not protect the home completely from external rays during the day but performs this function perfectly at night.


Curtains come in a lot of luxurious and elegant forms that can transform a home immediately. A beautiful curtain can give a royal look to any home, curtains also come in a variety of colours that can be used to match the available furniture in the home. Hitherto, blinds came in very basic form, but with the advances in the production of blinds, they now come in various textures and colours that can add more flavour to the home. Although, curtains still possess an advantage in the versatility of its texture.


In terms of durability, blinds would be a better choice than curtains as they are made of wood as opposed to curtains that are made of fabric that may get torn by pets or little children.


When it comes to cleaning, cleaning a window blind is much easier, faster and can be done frequently than pulling off and washing a curtain. When it comes to cleaning a blind, nothing is needed other than a piece of cloth that is used to wipe the blind clean. Less time is also used in cleaning blinds than curtains. Curtains also hide a lot of dirt especially those that come in dark colours. Maintaining blinds is a lot cheaper that maintaining curtains.


On the issue of cost, this is a tricky factor. Curtains and blinds come in various textures and various prices. Blinds. Come in various materials like those made of wood, others are made of faux wood, plastic blinds, aluminium blinds, bamboo blinds, and other materials are also available to choose from, depending on your budget. Curtains are also made from different fabrics. Some are made with expensive fabrics, while others are not. But on average, blinds tend to be more expensive than curtains.

In the end, the choice is your ad you should definitely go for a window dressing that suits your budget and complements your personality.

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