Curtains: An Inevitable Element in Interior Design

Plain or embellished, curtains are a strong design statement that cannot be separated when it comes to interior design. Though the curtains’ primary purpose is to block the light from entering a room in the house, they also serve as an alluring ornament in the window. From the most adorned to the simplest ones, they stand as the perfect accompaniment for the window in both residential and commercial premises. 

Curtain brings life

There are wide varieties of curtains in Singapore, serving different purposes. From the types of fabric, shapes, sizes, colours, textures, as well as patterns, there are a lot of gorgeously-made functional curtains that bring life into a room.

Curtain softens the interior

The solid walls designed by architects are made soft by interior designers through juxtaposing appropriate curtains. Interior designers create adornment to rooms using window treatments. Curtains are believed to be the element that modulates vision and soften the ambience of the room.

Curtain adds comfort

Curtains obscure the stiff geometric forms of the room, making the curtains essential to create balance as they veil sunlight and the view to make domestic privacy. More than being an integral part of the interior design, curtains are also being used to bring additional visual delight to the overall look between spaces. They offer relief from the austere spaces and add comfort and warmth in the whole area. 

Curtain creates positivity

As a traditional component used since ancient times in the Asian region, they are used to separate different parts of the house. Nowadays, to provide an element of luxury to the interior, more lavish designs are now coming out in the market. In feng shui, they are also said to grab positive energy when chosen the right material and placed in the proper location, making it beneficial for homeowners.

Curtain carries extravagance

Elaborated curtains are often associated with lavish and luxurious living. Mostly, they will be made from silk fabric that gives an attractive and appealing look to the interior of the room. Though more delicate when it comes to maintenance, these types of will makes a remarkable difference if the area looks too dull.

Avant-garde interior designs insist on the integration of curtain in designing the room. According to them, custom-designed curtains combined with suitable furniture and accessories can significantly contribute to the exquisite and stunning interior design of any space. 

At HM, we can tailor-fit curtains and blinds for your interior needs. We make sure that each design will give character enchanting look to the room.

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