What is Ziptrak®?

Zip blinds are one of the hot-selling track guided system for balconies and patio in Singapore for both residential and commercial projects. And HM Group is now one of the authorised dealers for the original Ziptrak ® Australia (Ziptrak Pte Ltd) outdoor blinds system. One of the preferred and leading outdoor blinds that are 100 percent design and manufactured in Australia.

  6 Reasons why you will love Ziptrak®

1. Ziptrak® is proven to be tough, with the ability to withstand static wind loads equivalent to wind Speed of 260km/h

2. Cleverly designed and patented SuperSpring® that manual operation without cord or crank. Open and close your blinds with just one hand quickly

3. Compatible with Somfy and Dooya for motorise system. You can also connect Ziptrak with other smart home apps.


4. Go super wide with PanoView®. Instead of two or more blinds, you can now have one super wide blinds of up to 6 metres wide. With no post in between to disrupt your view.

5. Safety latch and centre lock assure your child’s safety with the innovative features for Ziptrak® manual blinds. The outdoor blinds will not raised above the height that the latch is installed, and you can get the call to decided on the height you wanted. It can be be unlock with a special key

6. Fret not about inserts nesting inside the pelmet that causes inconveniences. Ziptrak® comes with an innovative PestOut ® pelmet that brush off inserts and sweeps the dust off the fabric as you move the blind.

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