What is Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds consist of slats (vanes) that run up-and-down from top to bottom of the tracking mechanism. The blind can be controlled by wireless remote, wands or cords that allows these slats (vanes) to turn ninety degree left or right when the blind is fully close. Let that warm sunlight in by drawing these slats to the side, either by center-opening whereby these slats will open from center and gather at the end of left and right side of the blinds, or side-opening whereby slats will only open and gather at left or right side of the blind. The best thing about vertical blind is that the vertical structure adds visual height to a room, giving an illusion of taller and larger window.  

Are Vertical Blinds Still in Style?

One common misunderstanding when it comes to vertical blinds are that it is only suitable for offices or commercial space. The answer is NO! Vertical blinds can be so much more when it comes to window fashion. Apart from the standard colours like light blue, light pink, our vertical blinds collections come in distinguishable design, textures, fabrics, and colors. Vertical blinds are also available in special cut design slats from TOSO Japan, operating with smooth and sturdy systems and mechanisms of Japan quality. Alternatively, you can try out the dual vertical blinds (a.k.a Vertical Sheer), which comprise of both sheer and blackout material. With the additional sheer fabric, it diffused light to stream through and also maintain your outside view, giving you the soft and luxurious finishing to complement your decor. With customisation option, imaginations become unlimited. 

Light and Privacy Control

Vertical blinds offer good privacy and light control with the control. With a twist of the control, you can control the amount of lights intro the room. Blackout material is also available for selection. As we know, vertical blinds comprise of individual slats (vanes), therefore, it is impossible to achieve total blackout as light will still able to pass through the gap between slats (vanes). If light and privacy is one of your main concern, and you would like to maximise light blockage, opt for better quality mechanism that minimise the gaps of the fabric overlapping. 

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