Vertical Blind

Vertical Blind

The vertical blinds are very often being installed by corporations or institutions. That is because the most common colours available in the market are white, grey or beige, which gives people the impression of an organised, formal atmosphere.
However, vertical blinds can also inspire brilliant home design solutions. A customised vertical blind can fit in windows of any width and height. The vertical appearance of a vertical blind makes a small living area looks higher and airier, which is suitable for many Singaporean HDB/condominium households. At HM, we offer bolder colours and wider range of designs that give your home a fresh, spacious feeling.
A vertical blind is less likely to collect dust as it stands vertically. Since it’s drawn to the side rather than being rolled up or pulled down, it works better for doors and windows that slide sideways, and would require less muscle strength to adjust it.


  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

    An independent testing system that assesses all production stages for potential exposure to any hazardous substance.


    A leading technical service organisation based in Germany that HM engages to conduct water repellent, flammability and UV tests.

  • SGS Singapore

    The world's leading company works closely with HM for the testing and certification of textile materials.

  • Eco-Friendly Fabric

    Natural textile materials which are non-toxic and less polluting during production, use and disposal.

  • Washable Fabric

    Fabric that can be washed without shrinkage or other damages.

  • Non-Stick

    High quality blackout fabric with washable non-stick rubber backing. Applicable for blackout fabric only.

  • Noise Reduction

    Fabric that reduces noise level transmitted into and out of a room.

  • 100% Blackout Fabric

    Coated fabric with foam-backing being used for blocking direct sunlight. Applicable for blackout fabric only.

  • UV Protection

    Fabric that reduces the amount of UV radiation from the sun.

  • Heat Reduction

    Fabric that reduces the amount of heat being emitted into a room, thus bringing down the room temperature.

  • Water Repellent

    A tightly weaved or coated fabric that transforms water into little beads and prevents water from penetrating through it.

  • Fire Retardant

    Fabric that can inhibit, suppress or delay the production of flames to prevent fire from spreading.