Decorative Sheer


Decorative Sheer Curtain 

Sometimes happiness is as simple as having a great cup of tea on a weekend morning, where you rest cosily on a soft couch and feel the warmth of sunlight filtered through a delicate sheer curtain. As the curtain sways, as tantalizing as it is, a freshening breath of wind caresses your skin.

Creating a sensual, comfortable look

In the window fashion industry, sheer fabrics are being made into curtains (often known as ‘sheer curtains’ or ‘day curtains’). Sheer curtains are essential part of our ultimate lifestyle experience. It allows homeowners to achieve a certain level of privacy, while letting sufficient ambient light through – an idea very much welcomed by sun lovers.

Sheer curtains goes outstandingly well with other heavy curtains. With our extensive arrays of sheer curtains, you can easily create a layered look on your window treatment. For those who like to be different when it comes to home decoration, you can even use sheer fabrics as a decoration material for your bed’s headboard.

UV Protection

Good quality curtains made of sheer fabrics provide an extra level of protection against sun rays. It helps to protect your furniture, paintings, wallpapers and even your traditional curtains. With the protection of sheer curtains, your other curtains (night curtain) can last for at least 10 years under proper care. Check out more information on our Mosquito-Repellent Day Curtains - Tokage Collection

 for more information regarding day curtains with UV protection.



  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

    An independent testing system that assesses all production stages for potential exposure to any hazardous substance.


    A leading technical service organisation based in Germany that HM engages to conduct water repellent, flammability and UV tests.

  • SGS Singapore

    The world's leading company works closely with HM for the testing and certification of textile materials.

  • Eco-Friendly Fabric

    Natural textile materials which are non-toxic and less polluting during production, use and disposal.

  • Washable Fabric

    Fabric that can be washed without shrinkage or other damages.

  • Non-Stick

    High quality blackout fabric with washable non-stick rubber backing. Applicable for blackout fabric only.

  • Noise Reduction

    Fabric that reduces noise level transmitted into and out of a room.

  • 100% Blackout Fabric

    Coated fabric with foam-backing being used for blocking direct sunlight. Applicable for blackout fabric only.

  • UV Protection

    Fabric that reduces the amount of UV radiation from the sun.

  • Heat Reduction

    Fabric that reduces the amount of heat being emitted into a room, thus bringing down the room temperature.

  • Water Repellent

    A tightly weaved or coated fabric that transforms water into little beads and prevents water from penetrating through it.

  • Fire Retardant

    Fabric that can inhibit, suppress or delay the production of flames to prevent fire from spreading.