What is Day Curtains?

In the window fashion industry, sheer fabrics are being made into curtains (often known as ‘sheer curtains’ or ‘day curtains’). Day curtains are essential part of our ultimate lifestyle experience. These lightweight fabrics defuse some sunlight and UV rays into the house, which allows homeowners to achieve a certain level of privacy, while letting sufficient ambient light through – an idea very much welcomed by sun lovers.

Day curtains goes outstandingly very well with night curtains. While some are uncertain whether they should spend on additional budget on day curtains since night curtains only seems sufficient. These day and night curtains combination are well-loved by many homeowners as it enhances the house softness and texture, as well as offering decent sunlight and UV rays protection. With our extensive arrays of sheer curtains, you can choose from a wide arrays of sheer fabrics ranging from, but not limiting to, polyester, linen, organza, lace, chiffon, prints.  

Myth About Day Curtains

Cleaning and maintenance are one of the main concern among homeowners. However, cleaning of day curtains are extremely easy due to its lightweight feature, and they dry very quickly. If the material of your day curtains do not recommend machine wash, you can opt for other cleaning method like steam wash or vaccum. Whichever mathod you prefer, we recommend you to check the cleaning instruction beforehand as fabrics have different ways of cleaning due to the fabric characteristic. However, if you have special window like height ceiling or any other uncertainty, it is best to engage specialist to clean for you. 

More Than Just a Supporting Role in Window Treatment

We know that we can get almost anything custom made for a perfect fit when it comes to custom made window treatment. Since you plan to go for bespoke, the first you want to avoid is generic and identical curtains. The colour and texture of day curtains can be so much more than you can imagine. You can choose day curtains with lace or prints if you want you day curtains to be the focal point, or even opt for black colour instead of white to give some contrast to your interior. Apart from the popular day and night curtains, day curtains alone can play as one of the leading role in your interior design. But of cause, going by the rule of thumb, it depends on the overall theme and your personal preference. 

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