What is S-Fold Curtains?

S-Fold Curtains (also known as “Ripple Fold Curtain”) is considered to be an all-time favourite to many people. Its ripple-like folds create an astonishingly soft look, which gives your window a homey, stylish appearance. Just like its name, this kind curtains look like a long wave or "S" pattern that continues throughout the window it is covering. S-Fold curtains looks gorgeous no matter which angle we snap, giving it a classier and unique interior finishing; thanks to special S-Fold tape stitched at that back of the fabric and track, as well as the 2.5 – 3 metres of fabric that bring about the wave motion. The fabric selection stage is important if you plan to go for S-Fold. We recommend softer fabric for S-Fold curtains which fold and hang the curtains beautifully as compared to stiff fabric. This is where you will need professional advice for fabric selection as you would not be able to differentiate it by looking at sample books or pictures.  S-Fold Curtains are also available with motorised function. You don’t have to pull the curtain manually anymore – with a single click on the switch, you can now live in a smarter, more convenient way.

Modern & Luxurious Dressing for Your Home

S-Fold is one the most popular choice of curtains for modern, contemporary and luxurious looking style of curtains. And the best feature about S-Fold curtains is the front and back look the same, which make it aesthetically pretty on either side for places like balcony access, divider, changing room. This type of curtains perfectly showcases the texture and beauty of the fabric, creating the soft look in your house. 

Creating Illusion to Window Size

Other than giving the space soft and luxurious style, S- Fold curtains create illusion of the window size, especially when the curtains are customised from wall to wall and ceiling to floor, giving you an impression that the windows are larger and taller. It acts as a neutral backdrop that showcase the fabric texture and design.

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