What is Roman Blinds?

A stylish and alternative choice to roller blinds that offers sleek and provide a trendy look without the fuss of a standard curtains. Roman blind is one of the most classic kind of window treatment that are around decades. Roman blinds are made up of a piece of fabric with TC lining backing that fold up gradually like a horizontal accordion fold style when you pull up the blinds, and lay flat and neatly when you let the blind down. You can also pull the blind to any height that allows you to control the amount of sunlight and privacy you need. Roman blinds are suitable to be hang at bay window or smaller windows, depending on the interior concept. You will need professional advice during fabric selection as the chacteristic of the fabric determine the overall feel. It is best that you do not choose fabric that are too soft and shiny in order to achieve the flat and neat fold.

Why Choose Roman Blinds?

With Roman blinds, you get the quality and the stylish appearance of curtains and soft feel of draperies combined with the practicality and control of blinds. They are perfect when curtains are not feasible, such as for windows without a floor-to-ceiling length, or if curtains are too troublesome to maintain. 

Classic to Simple and Contemporary Style

Unlike other kinds of blinds, you can choose to customise your roman blinds with any types of fabric that suits your home dedoration, from sheer to blackout fabric, and from solid colour to pattern designs. 

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