What is Roller Blinds?

Roller blind is one of the most common type of blinds that are widely use in homes, offices, and many other commercial and institution sectors. So, what is roller blinds? It is a single piece of fabric that is wrap around a casing operated by pully cord or motorise system. Roller blinds are stylish yet practical for all types of windows, providing good sunlight block out, UV protection, and privacy, giving you the neat and sleek look to your interior. You will be surprise Roller blinds comes with varies finishes and choices in terms of mechanism, designs, colours, and fabric specification suitable for different kind of environment.

Maintenance of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the easy maintenance blinds that requires very minimal cleaning. Simply just vacuum if they are any accumulated dust on the fabric. While for areas like bottom bar and headrail, we recommend you to wipe using damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally.

Exclusive Premium Roller Blinds

One of the biggest draws of our roller blinds is the range of exclusive brands that we carry in our showroom; TOSO Japan and Hunter Douglas. Each of them offers a number of different functional benefits, mechanism, as well different range of fabric to match with any interior designs. Explore thousands of premium designs, colors, and functions that are fashionable and innovative window covering products, suitable for any homes and offices. 

Motorise Roller Blinds

If you love Roller blinds, yet have a hard-to-reach window or multiple Roller blinds in a room, you will please to know that Roller blinds come with quiet motorise options available in wired or battery operated motorise blinds. Control your blinds with remote or link to Smart Home box range to control all your connected equipments. 

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