Singapore Favourite Track Guided Blinds From Australia.
Ziptrak® is the original outdoor blind system with a patented, track-guided design that glides smoothly and stops at any height.


Zip blinds are one of the hot-selling track guided system for balconies and patio in Singapore for both residential and commercial projects. And HM Group is now one of the authorised dealers for the original Ziptrak ® Australia (Ziptrak Pte Ltd) outdoor blinds system. One of the preferred and leading outdoor blinds that are 100 percent design and manufactured in Australia.
Ziptrak ® outdoor blinds help to keep the space out from the rain, dust, heat, insects, as well as high-floor littering while providing privacy, natural ventilation and UV protection. The control system is available in patented manual spring-balanced control and motorised system that make the outdoor blinds lighter, easier to use and seal better than other similar products.

Lightweight and use to use

Simply just pull up and down with single hand, while leaving it at any height. With this patented spring-balanced system, no dangerous cords, or wire cables are needed, regardless of size.

Able to withstand strong winds

Featuring the patented side spline that is welded to the front and back of the fabric that makes it one of the most popular track guided system. With Ziptrak ® unique features, it can withstand static wind loads equivalent to a wind speed of 260 km/h with no wrinkles and creases along the spline when the blinds are fully lowered.

Safety lock

A locking mechanism is also available to lock the blinds when it is fully let down. It provides a secure hold to your outdoor blinds.

Super-wide outdoor blinds

Ziptrak® blinds can fit up to 6 metres wide and 4.7-metre height. You can easily go for one single-blind instead of multiple blinds with posts or gaps in between.

Ziptrak Fabric

Our Ziptrak Fabric are made using USA Phiffer 1% and 5% Openness with Fire retardant, Anti-Bacteria properties, Anti-Mould Material and are URA Approved. 

Our Genuine Ziptrak made using Phifer sun shading fabrics have been independently tested for their effectiveness in preventing sun damages to the skin and eyes as required by Melanoma International Foundation Standards. Phifer Fabrics blocks up to 99% of UV rays.


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