What is Sheer/Day Curtains?

In the window fashion industry, sheer fabrics are being made into curtains (often known as ‘sheer curtains’ or ‘day curtains’). Sheer curtains are essential part of our ultimate lifestyle experience. It allows homeowners to achieve a certain level of privacy, while letting sufficient ambient light through – an idea very much welcomed by sun lovers. Day curtains goes outstandingly well with other heavy curtains. With our extensive arrays of sheer curtains, you can easily create a layered look on your window treatment. For those who like to be different when it comes to home decoration, you can even use sheer fabrics as a decoration material for your bed’s headboard.

Wondering whether you should get a set of day and night curtains for your window?

One of the most common question we get is whether they should get single layer night curtains or double layer day and night curtains. Additional layer of day curtains creates a softer interior ambience while providing extra privacy for your family during the day, (especially for those units that are near to each other).

What is so special about our Sheer/Day Curtains?

HM has a wide range of sheer fabric for your selection, starting from classic design and colours, all the way to designers’ range. Our in-house experts are trained to provide you the best solution and colour matching based on your needs.