What is S-Fold Curtains?

S-Fold Curtains (also known as “Ripple Fold Curtain”) is considered to be an all-time favourite to many people. Its ripple-like folds create an astonishingly soft look, which gives your window a homey, stylish appearance. S-Fold curtains looks gorgeous no matter which angle we snap, giving it a classier and unique interior finishing. And velvet is one of the most popular choices for S fold curtains.

Modern & Chic Dressing For Your Home

S fold also requires no pleat in order to create this modern, chic effect at home. Thanks to the snap tape stitched at that back of the fabric, S fold curtains offers easier maintenance when it comes to cleaning, simply by unhooking the curtains from the tracks. Want to know more about this kind of curtains, simply contact us and let our in house expert guide you from material selection all the way to cleaning and maintenance

What is so special about our S-Fold Curtains?

Our S-Fold Curtains are also available with motorised function. You don’t have to pull the curtain manually anymore – with a single click on the switch, you can now live in a smarter, more convenient way!