What is Roller Blinds?

Roller blind is one of the most common type of blinds that are widely use in homes, offices, and many other commercial and institution sectors. So, what is roller blinds? It is a single piece of fabric that is wrap around a casing operated by pully cord or motorise system.

Neat & Sleek Look

Roller blinds are suitable for almost all kinds of window that gives you a neat and sleek look to your interior. On the other hand, roller blinds are also one of the most versatile kind of blinds that comes in different range of finishes that suit your needs. From blackout material to fire-retardant or moisture resistance that are extremely practical for everyone. Roller blinds also come in a wide range of colours, designs and fabrics to choose from that matches with your interior design.

Many Types of Systems For Your Choosing

Roller blinds also comes with different types of systems mostly from Japan (for example TOSO brand from Japan) or Korea or USA (for example Hunter Douglas), as well as the types of system control that determines the price and function differences. Drop us an enquiry or visit our showrooms today to understand more about the different colours, designs, and system that roller blinds can offer to suit your budget.