What is Korean Rainbow Blinds?

Korea rainbow blind is one of the most popular types of blinds in HM. The modern design and function are well-loved by all the homeowners. This kind of blinds comprises of two layers of polyester fabric, upon pulling the cord, these two layers fabrics will create an overlapping effect.

What is so special about our Korean Rainbow Blinds?

Premium Nylon-string Control System

Difference between our Korea rainbow blinds system with other brands is our premium nylon-string control systems that are 100 percent made in Korea. Nylon strong control system assurance better product life as the system will not get stuck during pulling.

Sunlight Control

Thanks to the double-layer fabric, you can control the amount of sunlight into your space by pulling the cord and adjust according to your preference. Our best selling blackout series can block up to 95 percent of the sunlight, however, unlike curtains (soft material), sunlight will still pass through between the gap.

Simplicity and
Neat Design

One of the selling points for Korea rainbow blinds is a neat and simple look that can complement your interior decoration. Other than overlapping control, you can even roll the blinds all the up to the pelmet provided without worrying the about the dangling fabric during windy days, or when cleaning your window panels.

Easy Maintenance

Most of us know that blinds can’t be washed because the fabric is attached to the control system. And without the pleating (e.g. curtains), you can simply vacuum or clean your blinds using a feather duster on the flat surface fabric, or antibacterial steam cleaning.