What is Blackout Curtain?

Blackout Curtains from the Attic® blackout series. Just like its name, this type of night curtains provides 100 percent sunlight blockage (fabric only). It comes with four layers of coatings, including a silicon layer at the back layer, that allows the fabric achieve 100 percent sun block. It is often being confuse with dim out curtains (another kind of Night curtains), which blocks only up to 95 percent of the sunlight depending on the colour and design you choose. Curtains are made of fabrics, therefore, even the fabric itself provides 100 percent sun blockage, lights will still be coming into the room from the gaps. Contact us or visit our showroom more professional solution to reduce the sunlight between the gaps.

What is so special about our blackout curtains?

The First Machine Washable Blackout Curtains

HM is extremely confident with the outstanding quality of our blackout curtains. It is the first blackout curtains in market that allows you to avoid the expensive and smelly chemical dry cleaning. All you need to do is to send your curtains to washing machine for cleaning, or opt for easy maintaining anti-bacteria steam wash.

Promoting Clean And Fresh Living Environment

Lower grade fabric releases hazardous substances to the air upon exposure to sunlight, especially in tropical countries. HM’s blackout curtains are certified to meet the international standard for formaldehyde index (a form of colourless, strong smelling chemical that cause coughing, wheezing, eyes and nose irritation in short term, and increase the risk on cancer.

Noise and UV

This type of fabrics also promotes certain level of noise and UV ray reduction due to its 4 layers of fabric coating. It is extremely popular among consumers who wants to reduce direct sun into the room. It also promotes energy saving, by reducing the heat and uv rays into the room, it prevents the space to be heated up, which maximize energy saving.

Expert Recommendation

Attic® blackout series are suitable for all kinds of indoor windows that need maximize sunlight blockage. From schools to hotels, and residential homes. For residential home, it is suitable to be install in bedrooms, and suitable for families with babies, light sleeper, sensitive skin and nose, as well as night shift worker.