30 Years Long Journey

Remember why we started

At Hong Ming (HM) Group, we believe that an obstacle is often a stepping stone. Our story began in 1980 when Mr. Lim Kien Huat, the founder of HM Group, left his hometown in Malaysia for the betterment of his life. He started up as a shop assistant selling cloth-based home products for a living. Back then, life wasn’t easy. It was filled with obstacles, especially when his first child was born in 1989 which he couldn’t afford to support. This is where he decided to take the risk and start his own business in Singapore, selling household products – ranging from towels to bed sheets and pillow cases – at a neighborhood stall and night market (commonly known as “Pasar Malam”).

In November 1989, the first Hong Ming shop was set up, after decades of hard work and determination. It turned out to be a splendid start – Quickly, the shop gained popularity among the neighbourhood, and the opening of HM’s second branch marked the first expansion of the business.

Lim Kien Huat

Hong Ming Pte. Ltd. / HM Galley Pte. Ltd.
Founder & CEO

Ang Mo Kio Constituency Merchant Association

The Society of Modern Management Singapore

The Expansion

The 90s was a coming-of-age for HM Group. In 1991, Hong Ming began to offer Singaporeans a greater variety of products, such as ready-made curtains and home décor products, while the other outlets opened shortly after the inauguration of the first branch. Mr. Lim’s pragmatic and diligent character had eventually brought us many opportunities and support.

At the turn of millennium, HM shifted its focus from finished household products to personalized services, in order to cater to the needs of consumers from across the island. At the same time, larger galleries were seen on display. The yesteryear night market has now ventured into the international arena.

HM has expanded into a one stop service provider, serving local and international customers. With at least 30 years of experience, we provide a wide array of products which would improve your home experience, and our well-trained staff offer professional advice as regards home decoration. As we seek to strive for excellence and constant improvements, our belief has led us to becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the window fashion industry – just as how Mr. Lim turned obstacles into stepping stones at the time of difficulty. 

Hong Ming Today

Today, we have a total of 3 retail branches in Singapore, as well as offices and warehouses in Singapore and Malaysia, and also in-house production line, installation, cleaning service team in Singapore head-quarter that are under strict operation control to ensure quality and consistency in our products and services.

Our Products

Hong Ming provides a range of customize products and services that customers can rely on, for any soft furnishing solutions

Fabric: One of the leading wholesalers in Singapore and Malaysia, offering more than thousands of designs and colours of premium fabrics from all around the world.

Customize window solutions: Curtains, blinds, upholstery, cleaning and maintenance

Consultation and site visiting: Our service team are all professionally trained to provide recommendation on colours and designs for different interior space. We also provide site visiting to ensure that all products beautifully fit into the space.

Sewing and installation: We focus on providing quality and reliable products and services for our customers. Sewing and installation are done by our in-house experts with decades of experiences in the field. Most advance and latest technology are being use in our company to meet all customers demand and expectations.

In house brand:Attic, Hanson’s, La Fidele, Studio K