Sewing of Curtains

Sewing of Curtains

Sewing of Curtains used to be a semi-automated process and it was prone to consistency and quality issue which we at Hong Ming Group found to be unacceptable. Hong Ming Group made the decision to be invested in fully computer-automated sewing machines from the Dutch to ensure consistency, quality control, and shorter lead time so that our customers are able to enjoy higher quality curtains. 

We realise that consistency and quality control is one of the main concerns of our clients, so we decided that we should focus on these two points to make our curtains stand out from the rest. 

Equipped with Dutch technology, we are able to control the quality of all the curtains that leave our warehouse. 

With the manufacturing of the curtains done in house, we are also able to shorten the lead time and deliver the products to our customers sooner than most companies in Singapore. 

Every order of curtain will go thru 6 steps in our manufacturing process before it’s sent out for delivery to our customer’s hands. Each process will be checked thoroughly by our staff and any minor flaw found will be sent to be rectified.

  1. Fabric cutting
  2. Height cutting
  3. Paneling
  4. Hemming
  5. Pleating
  6. Processing and finishing