What is Korean Rainbow Blinds?

You might heard of this name or seen them before in stores or a friend or family’s home. Korean Rainbow blinds, also known as 'Combi Blinds' or 'Zebra Blinds', is one of the most popular type of blinds in Singapore. These kind of blinds are consider to be classify under the Roller Blinds big family. However, due to the growing popularity of it, we decided to introduce this blind individually. The modern and multi-function design are well-loved by all the homeowners that offers a multitude of options to choose from and fit into almost any style. You will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous colours, designs, and textures that will complement your overall home design. 

How Do Korean Rainbow Blinds Work?

Korea Rainbow blinds consist of two layer of panel, opaque (solid panel) and translucent (sheer panel). It forms into a big piece of fabric and then assemble together with other parts and system that allow you to transition between solid panel to sheer panel with a simple pull of the system. Simply control the amount sunlight you need by adjusting the pulley system, it helps to manipulate light flow and can offer the right amount of darkness whenever you need.

Light Filtering or Blackout Function

Our Korea Rainbow blinds come in several designs, colours, light filtering and blackout options. You can choose from blackout series all the way to semi-opaque depending on the amount of natural light and privacy you need. Blackout series is one of the most widely used fabric for bedroom as this is where you will need extra privacy and darkness.

Why Are Korea Rainbow Blinds Popular?
Premium Nylon-string Control System

Authentic Korea Rainbow blinds system comes with premium nylon-string control system that are 100 percent made in Korea. Nylon strong control system assurance better product life and durability as the system will not get stuck during pulling.

Easy Maintenance

Korean Rainbow blinds reqire very minimum cleaning and maintenance. Simply vacuum or clean your blinds using a feather duster on the flat surface fabric, or antibacterial steam cleaning for basic cleaning.

Simplicity and Neat Design

One of the selling points for Korea Rainbow blinds is the neat and simple look that can complement your interior decoration. Other than overlapping control, you can even roll the blinds all the up to the pelmet provided without worrying the about the dangling fabric during windy days, or when cleaning your window panels.

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