Living with Luxe: Stylish ways to use curtains in homes

Living with Luxe 

Searching for ways to give your home a high-end makeover is necessary, especially if you want the overall look elegant without spending too much. While there are many expensive pieces of furniture to upgrade the look of a room, knowing where to concentrate your spending is the key to making a home look luxurious. Small changes, such as changing the curtains, can help you accomplish a luxurious atmosphere. If you want to experience the grandeur, here are some stylish ways to use curtains in homes to give it the luxe it deserves.                        

Install curtains for a dramatic look

A well-dressed window establishes a touch of sophistication. Having stylish curtains gives a different atmosphere, mainly if it was installed to shape the natural light in the room. Richly-textured fabrics provide a quiet luxury at home. Also, consider the height of the curtain. Do not forget to add an extra inch of fabric to transform the room dramatically. 

Add curtains to decorate walls

One marvellous idea to spruce up walls or unused door is by decorating it with a floor-length curtain. Adorning a wall with curtains that blend well with the window treatment adds charm and warmth to space. Aside from getting rid of a dull space, it also gives an impressing illusion of cosiness and soft elegance in the interior design. 

Hang curtains for movable room dividers

Though curtains used for windows traditionally, they can also attractively divide a room with two different functions. Curtains in Singapore, used as stylish and movable dividers, is a convenient space saving idea for small homes. Using curtains for open living spaces add comfort while creating privacy at home. 

Use curtains for dressing up storage areas

Eye-catching curtain patterns and textures can turn eyesores into something gorgeous. Aside from protecting books, clothes, and other home needs on open shelves from dust, using curtains is a brilliant way to decorate storage spaces. You can have it customised, especially for those bookcases with full height. Just make sure to allow easy access to the content of the storage.

The great thing about the curtain is that it can be used as an accent for practically anything as long as it complements the general look of the room. For a more stylish and glamorous touch, use curtains or blindsthat can add charm and functionality to the modern interior design of your home.

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