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Any room can have a personalised look when custom-made curtains are used. Customised curtains give a stunning look to the window, creating that upgraded look. With a wide selection of colours, textures, styles, and fabrics of curtains in Singapore, we have listed some of the principles to help every homeowner carefully plan the look of their homes.


For both curtains and blinds, there are many things to be considered when selecting custom-made ones, but it is always wise to know the primary function of the window treatment. Will it control the light and temperature, or will it be used to provide privacy? For the bedroom that receives direct sunlight, a material with sunblock capacity is of importance to achieve a relaxing mood. On the other hand, a living area is often designed with sheer curtains to give a more opulent ambience and to allow the air to move freely. 


Curtains and blinds are used not only to provide privacy. They also offer beauty and elegance to the room, so most of the homeowners prefer a uniform style or fabric to different places. It is soothing to the eyes when everything is in cohesion and balance across the home. If not the same, some seek complementarity across fabrics, styles, and colours to add to the aesthetics of a home.


Choosing the right fabric can make or break the interior design of the room. The type of fabric suggests the formality and luxe of a space. Linen curtains are commonly used to achieve a more relaxed look, while blackout curtains are perfect to create a more formal and elegant ambience. Combining sheer with blackout curtains are a good match if seeking for both privacy and light.


Custom-made curtains deliver a genuinely sophisticated look to any space. Installing customised curtains give that “well-planned” and personalised feeling that makes any home special. With the expertise of Hong Ming World Group to various types of curtains, any home can have a sense of special atmosphere that embraces elegance and style. 

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