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Window treatments such as curtains and blinds serve not only as a design but also function as mood elevator if done with proper aesthetics and complemented lighting. Gorgeous window treatments even increase happiness in a home or any establishment.  

There are tons of choices when it comes to curtains, blinds, and other window essentials. On the other hand, choosing the best option can be scrutinising. For a classic look that will perfectly fit any space at any time, a cosy and well-lit ambience is the key. From spring to fall, here are other sophisticated and classic ideas to love all year round.


1. Classic Panels

The classic of all classics is the curtains or drapes. These most common window treatments provide any space with an instant cosiness. Both curtain and drape can be customised according to the décor style of the area. Go with a neutral colour for a more elegant look. 


2. Sheer Panels

The fresh and simplicity of sheer, particularly the white ones, provide any room with immediate freshness. It also welcomes the natural sunlight during the daytime. Sheer panels and perfect for windows with a scenic view as it gives you an instant glimpse of what’s outside. 


3. Wooden Blinds

The charm and warmth of wooden window treatments never go out of style. Wooden blinds provide not only style but are also functional. They also bring in warmth in any space they are placed. Moreover, the classic wooden blinds freshen up space while also gives a long-lasting service. 


Window treatments will always be based on the overall theme of any home or corporate space. The basics will always be sheer, neutral, and simple as all these indeed never go out of style and can complement most design styles. 


At Hong Ming World Group, we can help you choose the best blinds and curtains in Singapore to make your space a classy yet timeless ambience. We also offer customisation to provide a perfect fit for your space. 

Contact us today to find out more about our customisation service!



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