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Windows are known to be the eyes of any home. They also stand are a blank canvass wherein, curtain and blind are the paint hues that give it a high-end work of art. 

But before painting splendidly, it is of the essence to understand the main parts of the curtain. Since curtains stand as the luxurious element that will give life to the window, we will unravel its anatomy for easy understanding and blending. 

The Heading

The very top hem of the curtain is called heading. Being in the upper part of the curtain makes it a significant influencer on the theme and feel of the whole window treatment. There are basic headings where rings and hooks connect to the top hem, which allows the curtain to move without ease. On the other hand, there are also rod-pocket headings that keep the curtains in a stationary position and give it a softer look.  

The Rod

The rods are responsible for fastening the curtains to the brackets installed on the wall. In creating an illusion of height, rods are placed up to the wall. Doing helps lengthen the look of the curtains. Some rods stand as decorative pieces which enhance the style of the window treatment. 

The Valance

Valance occupies the top few inches above the window. The valance can fit over the rod curtain and header to make it more functional. No matter what the design is, valance is a highly decorative component of the curtain.

The Tieback

Curtains pulled to the side of the window lets the light to come in. The one responsible for holding the curtains on the side is the tieback. Most tiebacks are made of the same type of fabric as the curtain while some have more intricate details that still match the style of the curtain. 

Knowing the anatomy of the curtain will make sure it can exude the best sophistication in any area of the house. Hong Ming World Group offers high-quality and stylish curtains in Singapore. Our team will make sure that each window treatment we provide will give a new ambience to its new home.

Do you feel like you’ve learnt alot more about curtains and it’s anatomy?

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