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Replacing window treatment such as curtains and blinds is something that people forgets after installing one. Homeowners and business owners, thoroughly think of what types of fabrics, colours and texture to use but knowing when to replace their window treatments are often left behind. Though replacing window treatments mainly depend on significant factors such as the age and appearance, it is always good to consult for an expert’s advice. 

Below are some guides we have listed.

Discoloured Window Treatment

Being exposed to the sun, the colours of the curtains and blinds usually fade and experience discolouration. Blinds and curtains in Singapore that are available in the market nowadays offer UV protection to protect the room from the rays of the sun. It can also lessen its propensity to turn yellowish or become discoloured.

Bent blind slats

Blinds can give an elegant and modern look in any room. On the other hand, blinds are known to warp over time because of sun exposure. Over usage also cause bends, which means it would require replacement. Bent blind slats are also a danger issue in either your home or office.

Struggle in raising blinds

It should not take much effort in raising or even lowering the blinds, whether at home or in any business establishment. If raising or lowering your blinds is giving you a difficult time, you should consider replacing or upgrading to a new one. Remember that functionality should always come first, especially in window treatments. 

Safety Issues

Window treatments are meant to protect you. Safety should always be a priority when installing one. Broken blinds or damaged curtains and drapes can cause an accident. Meaning, it should be replaced immediately for it not to cause any mishap. 

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